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What You Need to Know

We'll do our best to answer all of your questions! 

Pets & Kids


Q - Are dogs allowed at the festival?

A - We ask that you leave the dogs at home for this one.  This is held at a working ranch so we need to ensure the safety of the animals that make the ranch their home.  Service animals are allowed with proper signage and leashed.


Q - Is the event family friendly?

A - Yes, bring the whole family!


Q - Is there a fee for children to attend?

A - No!  Kids are always free with a paid adult.  That includes all minors under 18 years old.


Q - Do you have kids activities planned?

A - No we do not.  Please plan accordingly.  Please note that parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times.  Children are not allowed in the Jackass Saloon at any time.  For their safety, please ensure that children do not climb fences, enter animal pens, go near water, etc.




Q - How much does it cost to camp?

A - Prices vary depending on camping type.  Car/Tent camping is free.  There is a charge for RV camping which you can pay at the time that you purchase tickets online:  


Q - Can I camp in my car?

A - Yes, you can camp in your car for no extra charge. 

Q - Can I leave my car at my campsite?

A - Due to space limitations, we may need to have you move your car to our designated parking area.  If space allows and you are courteous with how much space you are taking up for your tent and your car you may be able to keep you car at your site.  We ask for your cooperation if we ask you to move your car. Thanks in advance!


Q - Can I bring a fire pit/ring?

A - Please leave the fire rings at home.  We will have a community fire pit in the camping area that you can enjoy, including all the firewood you’ll need to hang out.


Q - Can I bring a grill?

A - Yes, you can though we will have food trucks onsite throughout the weekend if you’d rather not cook.


Q - Can I come camp but not go into the festival?

A - No.  You will need a valid event ticket to enter the camping area.




Q - Do you accept credit cards?

A - Yes, we accept credit cards, PayPal and Venmo.  Some art vendors may also accept card payments.  We do recommend that you bring cash to cover your food, shopping, band merchandise and beverage purchases if you are able to.


Q - Is there an ATM on site?

A - Yes, you will find an ATM inside the Buckhorn Barn as well as in the Jackass Saloon.

Q - Is the band schedule posted anywhere?

A - We have shared the daily schedule on the main Feed Your Head Fest webpage, on Facebook and on Instagram.  We will also have paper copies of the schedule available for you upon arrival to the event.

Food & Beverage

Q - Will there be food options available?

A - Yes! We have multiple food options, including breakfast, coffee and late night eats. We encourage everyone to support our food vendors throughout the weekend.

Q - What are my beverage choices for the weekend?

A - We are proud to have Ope! Brewing Company joining us for the weekend.  They have wonderful craft beer options for you to enjoy.  They will be open at noon on Friday and Saturday and will operate until the last band finishes on the main stage.  In addition, the Jackass Saloon will be be open (full bar) beginning at 3 PM on Friday and 11 AM on Saturday.  The Saloon will also be open on Thursday for our pre-party!

Q - Do you have ice for sale?

A - There is limited ice available for sale on site.  We recommend that you bring your own ice.  If you need to refresh your ice, there are convenience stores in Eagle just a few minutes away from the ranch.

Q- Are there non-alcoholic beverage choices?

A - We will have water, a small selection of soda and gatorade available for purchase at the Festival Merch store located in the main stage area.

Any other questions?  Please reach out to us via the form below and we'll be happy to answer them!

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